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Mortgage Wrap; PennyMac Financial, Rithm Capital & MSRs

February 9, 2023 | Premium Service | This week The Institutional Risk Analyst was in Houston for the Southern Secondary Conference sponsored by the Texas MBA. Below we discuss some of our insights from the conference and then take a look at the earnings results for Rithm Capital Corp. (RITM) and PennyMac Financial (PFSI).

As we’ve noted for some time, things are very difficult in the mortgage finance channel, but the world is not ending just yet. There was a combined $75 billion in new CUSIPs issued in the Fannie/Freddie/Ginnie market in January, well-below the run rate needed to hit ~ $1.9 trillion in production in 2023. Yet while lending activity in TX is down overall, immigration from CA, NY, IL, strong employment growth and overall lack of regulation and zoning restrictions should continue to be positives for new purchase business in Texas.

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