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The Interview: John Kanas, BankUnited

In this issue of The Institutional Risk Analyst, we speak to John A. Kanas, Chairman of BankUnited (NYSE:BKU). Kanas rose to prominence in the banking world first by building North Fork Bank into a leading northeast community lender, then selling it in 2006 to CapitalOne Financial (NYSE:COF) for $14 billion in cash and stock. In 2009, he led an investor group, which included Blackstone, Carlyle Group, Centerbridge Partners and WL Ross & Co, that acquired a failed Florida thrift called BankUnited. Kanas and his veteran team rebuilt the bank and doubled the institution’s assets over the past seven years. He stepped down as CEO of BankUnited in January, handing the reins over to COO Rajinder P. Singh. We spoke to him last week from Florida.

RCW: John, thanks for takin