Q:  I subscribed to The IRA Premium Service but cannot access!  What's wrong?

A: Please make sure you login to The IRA website to access the premium service.  Also, you must be subscribed to the free blog to access the Premium Service of The IRA. Please note that our hosting partner WIX supports browsers such as Chrome, IE and Firefox.

Q: Does my paid subscription to The IRA Premium Service automatically renew at the end of the 30-day period? 

A: Yes, the monthly subscription plan renews automatically. If you wish to end your subscription, simply cancel before the end of your monthly or annual subscription and please receive our thanks for your custom.

Q: How do I unsubscribe or manage my free subscription?

A: Please use the link at the bottom of the notification email from WIX to unsubscribe or modify your email preferences on The IRA web site.

Q: Do you directly answer questions from readers of The Institutional Risk Analyst

A: No, but we try to address relevant comments and questions from readers in our publication or in social media such as @rcwhalen on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Q: Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts or manifestos for publication in The Institutional Risk Analyst?

A: No, we must find you.  

Q: Does WGA LLC provide investment advice to individuals?

A: No.  Please consult you financial advisor.

Q: Do you provide consulting, due-diligence services and risk profiles for institutional investors, family offices and financial institutions? 

A: Yes.  Please email

Q: Do you provide free samples of or trials to The IRA Premium Service?

A: Yes. From time to time, we post free profiles and commentaries outside the paywall. For example:

Q: Do you provide full refunds after subscribers access your premium content?

A: No, all sales are final.

Q: Do you provide longer subscriptions than a year upon specific request? 

A: No.  But we do monitor reader requests and comments with great care.  

Q: What if these FAQs did not answer all of my questions and concerns?

A: Please consult your spiritual advisor or barkeeper. If that fails, do drop us a line.  

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